Bandicoot Bandwidth Calculator 1.0.1

Bandicoot Bandwidth Calculator 1.0.1



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Date Added:09 August, 2014

Author: Crookneck Consulting LLC

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Bandicoot is a feature-rich bandwidth calculator for anyone who works with bits and bytes. It combines a smart unit converter with a calculator to make computations involving data, time or bandwidths as fast, easy and reliable as possible.

Why did we build Bandicoot? Two reasons: most units conversion apps 1) don't allow you to freely mix conversions with calculations and 2) don't handle conversion between compound units, such as Mb/s to GB/month. Bandicoot does both.

Bandicoot is designed for network, IT, software, telecoms, streaming media and digital content professionals. It will help you answer a variety of questions, including:

- How much data is consumed by 50 hours of video delivered at 1.2Mb/s?
- How much larger is 5TiB (IEC) than 5TB (SI)?
- What bandwidth is required to backup 1TB of data in 4 hours?
- What bandwidth is required to support 10,000 users watching 10 hours of video per month at 1.5Mbps?
- What is the achievable throughput for TCP for a given window size and round trip time?
- What is the optimal TCP window size for a given bandwidth and round trip time?

Bandicoot is units aware: it can convert, add, subtract, multiply and divide a variety of data, bandwidth and time units. The calculator memory stores and auto-converts between units.

Bandicoot performs conversions on compound units, e.g. convert Mb/s to GB/month, or Kb/s to MiB/hour - the sort of calculations that data and networking professionals frequently need.

With six user-definable keys for frequently used units and support for both SI and IEC units, we think you'll find Bandicoot provides speed and flexibility beyond any general purpose units conversion app.

Here are a few examples of the sorts of calculations that Bandicoot can handle:

- Convert data volumes: e.g. kb to MB, MB to Gb, Tb to PB
- Convert bandwidths: e.g. kb/s to MB/hour, Mb/s to TB/month
- Convert freely between SI and IEC conventions (1kb = 1000 bytes vs 1024 bytes)
- Add/subtract data volumes or bandwidths, e.g. 460kb/s + 1.2Mb/s

- Multiply/divide data or bandwidth: e.g. 4.2GB * 14
- Multiply/divide by units time: e.g. 2Mb/s * 10hours
- Transfer time: how long to transfer 1TB at 1Gb/s?
- Required bandwidth: how much bandwidth is required to transfer 500GB in 4 hours?
- Headroom: apply a preset headroom percentage (e.g. capacity management and network engineering policy)
- Peak:average: apply a preset peak-to-average ratio to adjust for uneven network traffic demand

Bandicoot includes comprehensive help and instructions, including worked examples and help overlays to get you started quickly.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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